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Two Bloggers, Two Cameras and One Gorgeous Town

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As a fairly new blogger, I can tell you that it is a very solitary existence at first. You sit at your desk trying to figure out how the heck to use WordPress, what photos to choose, what topic to write about. Then you throw it all out there into that world we call the Internet and you just hope someone …

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How Taking Pictures of Doors Has Changed My Life

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People often ask me how (and why?) I started talking photos of doors and homes. The next thing they ask is “does anyone ever ask you what you are doing?” To answer the first question, it all began a little over a year ago in the spring of 2014. I needed to get more exercise and I had always enjoyed …

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7 Little Known Facts About Windsor, CT

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First, let’s be clear…the title to this post could be “7 Facts About Windsor I Didn’t Know”. Some of you history buffs out there may be completely aware of these things. But I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that many of you don’t. Over the weekend, I read an article from entitled “Connecticut’s Oldest English Settlement”, which indicates that Windsor, …

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If We Went On a Walk

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What would we talk about if we went on a walk this week? This is what I would say… If we went on a walk, I would tell you I am having such a great time writing this blog! I have never been a “writer” in the formal sense, and it’s a little uncomfortable to think about people reading what …

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If We Went On a Walk

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Since I started blogging, I have been reading and following a number of other bloggers, because I find it interesting to see what others have to say and I love to use them to get ideas on blog posts and formats, among other things. One type of post I have grown to enjoy is “If We Were Having Coffee”. A …