old stone warehouse, Fredericksburg

Old Stone Warehouse: Four Floors and Many Stories

Deb Historic Doors, Thursday Doors 17 Comments

My daughter is a junior in high school and you know what that means…college tours! Our little family of four spent spring break driving 1,800 miles round trip to visit a number of schools in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Our first stop was Fredericksburg, VA, home of University of Mary Washington. I was immediately charmed by Fredericksburg’s downtown …

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Shocking News: Fenway Park to be Demolished

Deb Historic Doors, Thursday Doors 17 Comments

In a devastating turn of events, Red Sox owner John W. Henry has announced that a new stadium will be developed for the beloved Boston Red Sox. Similar to the fate of the original Yankee stadium, Fenway Park as we know it today will cease to exist. Construction of the new stadium is expected to begin this fall in an …

pump house gallery, hartford, ct, bushnell park

Why is There a Pump House in Bushnell Park?

Deb Thursday Doors 17 Comments

On a recent Hartford walk, I came upon a charming little building at the edge of Bushnell Park. Slate roof, bright red gable, Tudor style. As it came into sharper view I noticed the sign, Pump House Gallery, above the structure’s heavy wooden door. As I looked further, I could see the industrial looking machinery that could only be…pumps? Yes, …

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One of the Oldest College Buildings in America

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Having attended The College of William & Mary in Virginia, I take great pride in the fact that it is considered the second oldest university in America, the “Alma Mater of a Nation”, with such illustrious graduates as Presidents Thomas Jefferson, ┬áJames Monroe and John Tyler. Of course the oldest university is Harvard, and whenever I’m in Cambridge I enjoy …

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Do You Know the Smallest Neighborhood in Boston?

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Boston is one of my favorite cities, and since it’s so close to my home in Connecticut I have been making an effort to get there more often. Since I often share Boston photos on my Instagram account, I applied to become a member of IGBoston, a community of photographers that share a love of the city and other parts …