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Living in a Local Historic District: Is It What You Think?

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Many towns across the country have designated local historic districts within their town. But what does that mean, exactly? Most of us realize it’s a collection of old homes grouped on a single street or within a couple of blocks in a neighborhood. We assume the homeowners have to get permission to paint their house a certain color or to …

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Do You Know the Smallest Neighborhood in Boston?

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Boston is one of my favorite cities, and since it’s so close to my home in Connecticut I have been making an effort to get there more often. Since I often share Boston photos on my Instagram account, I applied to become a member of IGBoston, a community of photographers that share a love of the city and other parts …

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Brownstones on Capitol Avenue in Hartford

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How many times have you looked up something on the Internet, only to find yourself falling down the rabbit hole, moving from one subject to the next? Take a peek at where my research of these doors took me… All I knew was that the addresses were 23-25 Capitol Avenue in Hartford, and from the blue plaque I knew the brownstone …

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What’s the Scoop At 1161 Prospect Avenue?

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A month or so before the holidays, West Hartford resident Allan Mayer reached out to see if I would help with a Christmas gift for his wife Ellen. Given Ellen’s love for their stately Prospect Avenue home and her interest in history, we landed on a house portrait as well as some background on its former owners. Although I had never undertaken a project of …