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Why is There a Pump House in Bushnell Park?

Deb Thursday Doors 17 Comments

On a recent Hartford walk, I came upon a charming little building at the edge of Bushnell Park. Slate roof, bright red gable, Tudor style. As it came into sharper view I noticed the sign, Pump House Gallery, above the structure’s heavy wooden door. As I looked further, I could see the industrial looking machinery that could only be…pumps? Yes, …

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90 Years and Counting at the Town & County Club

Deb Historic Doors, Historic Preservation 19 Comments

A fixture on Woodland Street in Hartford, the Town & County Club has been welcoming its women members and their guests for decades, celebrating 90 years in 2015. With a striking exterior of buff color brick and limestone, the huge Colonial Revival house that the Club calls home was once the residence of Theodore and Laura Lyman and their four …

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One of the Oldest College Buildings in America

Deb Historic Doors, Thursday Doors 18 Comments

Having attended The College of William & Mary in Virginia, I take great pride in the fact that it is considered the second oldest university in America, the “Alma Mater of a Nation”, with such illustrious graduates as Presidents Thomas Jefferson, ┬áJames Monroe and John Tyler. Of course the oldest university is Harvard, and whenever I’m in Cambridge I enjoy …

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The Lesser Known Historic Landmark in West Hartford

Deb Historic Doors 3 Comments

Much to my surprise, West Hartford has not one but two National Historic Landmarks. Only a fraction of those properties on the National Register of Historic Places obtain National Historic Landmark status as the overarching criteria is that the property be “nationally significant” with “meaning for all Americans” according to the National Park Service. So does it surprise you that …

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Do You Know the Smallest Neighborhood in Boston?

Deb Thursday Doors 23 Comments

Boston is one of my favorite cities, and since it’s so close to my home in Connecticut I have been making an effort to get there more often. Since I often share Boston photos on my Instagram account, I applied to become a member of IGBoston, a community of photographers that share a love of the city and other parts …