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Living in a Local Historic District: Is It What You Think?

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Many towns across the country have designated local historic districts within their town. But what does that mean, exactly? Most of us realize it’s a collection of old homes grouped on a single street or within a couple of blocks in a neighborhood. We assume the homeowners have to get permission to paint their house a certain color or to …

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90 Years and Counting at the Town & County Club

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A fixture on Woodland Street in Hartford, the Town & County Club has been welcoming its women members and their guests for decades, celebrating 90 years in 2015. With a striking exterior of buff color brick and limestone, the huge Colonial Revival house that the Club calls home was once the residence of Theodore and Laura Lyman and their four …

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Tourist in My Own State: The Sarah Whitman Hooker House

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As a West Hartford resident of over twenty years, I have another opportunity to expose my lack of knowledge about this town I call home. If you are equally unfamiliar, allow me to introduce the Sarah Whitman Hooker House, one of only a few examples of 18th century architecture in West Hartford. West Hartford is home to two historic house …

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One of the Last Homes Standing in Nook Farm

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A man builds a house in England with the expectation of living in it and leaving it to his children; we shed our houses in America as easily as a snail does his shell – Harriet Beecher Stowe This is the Charles Boardman Smith house, c. 1875, which stands proudly in spite of its downtrodden appearance. It is one of …

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Thursday Doors: Horace Bushnell Congregational Church

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I am doing some volunteer freelance photography over the next few months for a local not-for-profit that is publishing a book of architectural styles in Connecticut from various time periods. I’m excited about it for a couple of reasons: first and foremost, my photographs will be in an actual hard cover book, with my byline (pretty cool!) Second, the project is taking me …