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Every Door Has a Story: Meet Jen, Henry & Kiki

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Do you ever have that feeling that you were supposed to meet someone? Because if not for a random series of events you never would have met them? That’s how I feel about Jen Mooney. Jen lives in West Hartford in an adorable Cape with her even more adorable dachshunds, Henry and Kiki. A lot of adorable-ness going on over there! …

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An Easy Formula for Dressing Up Your Front Door

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When I began taking photographs of front doors, my original subjects were homes in my West Hartford neighborhood. West Hartford has such a wide variety of interesting architectural styles, and charming streets lined with sidewalks and trees. I had one main criteria for selecting front doors to photograph. The entryway had to have something about it that showed the homeowner had …

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Every Door Has a Story: Meet Tina & Don

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A few weeks ago I asked my local followers if any of them would like me to photograph their front door decorated for the fall season. Only a few replied, and one of those was Tina, an early and consistent follower of The Front Door Project. Tina lives in Waterbury, CT with her husband Don, about half an hour from West …

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A River Runs Through It: The Village of Tariffville

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Whenever I have a few hours to myself (or whenever I steal a few hours!) I grab my camera, a snack and a bottle of water and hop in the car. Typically I’ll pick a destination in advance, usually selecting a historic district I haven’t seen before. Such was the case recently when I went to the Tariffville Historic District …